Throw another log …

Treat this like a suggestion box. Want to see a main-page post about something? Know of journalism or career sites with helpful info? Want me to go f*** myself? This is the place to post that.


2 Responses to “Throw another log …”

  1. ToothFairy Says:

    Is there a way to make a list of who’s applied for the buyout. I’m assuming the people in the glass offices aren’t going to be posting such a list come Wednesday. Maybe you can start off with people you know for sure have signed up. Then ask others to add on. If someone contacts you directly saying their name is up there erroneously, you take it off. Then you can start a second list of whose buyouts are being accepted. That way we can see how many people are leaving and possibly even when. And it might give us a sense of whether this whole process was fair.

  2. sizzlingjboy Says:

    I believe such a list is floating around, but it probably won’t be posted for all to see. I’m not sure a public forum — one the entire world can see — is the best place for such a list. I’m not sure it would be fair or helpful to have people posting the names of others, when the posters can remain anonymous. Likewise, such names could potentially be trolled by bill collectors, mortgage companies or scam artists for all sorts of purposes.

    On the other hand, having a private list that only I can see would lessen participation and require everyone to trust me. Not sure that is reasonable and it certainly isn’t likely.

    Such a list might be useful under the right circumstances and I would like to hear some ideas about how it could be done in a way that wouldn’t harm anyone. And if such a list would appear elsewhere, I would would probably link to it.

    However, there isn’t really any issue of fairness regarding this because there is no “fairness” in this process. Many people who signed for the buyout will probably be denied. Who is to say if they are more or less deserving? Should it be done strictly by seniority (older employees out)? Should it be based on competence (best people stay)? Should it be based on salary (those making the most go)? Does it seem likely we will get a vote on the criteria? If we don’t like the rules, how would we force a change?

    There might be some merit in an independently compiled list of those who signed and those who receive. But I’m not sure such lists would shed any light on the fairness of the process.

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