Feeding flames

Burning up with anger? On fire with anxiety? Go ahead and bitch about what is happening to your job, career, whatever.


4 Responses to “Feeding flames”

  1. jerseygull Says:

    I gather everyone saw the NY Post article that was linked in Romanesko, about the drivers being close to agreement. It quotes Newhouse and the head of the drivers’ union. At least they’re talking to someone.

  2. WorryWort Says:

    Unemployment Maybe someone can do a little research into this. Will those who do sign up (and are accepted by management) for the buyout be eligible for unemployment benefits? Mona has told us that the Ledger will not “fight” any claims. What does that mean? Some have contacted the state unemployment offices and gotten different answers. “Yes you can” “No you can’t” even the states own website does not have clear answers in its FAQ’s section. Just thinking here…over 230 of us may soon be filing claims….. Maybe we could get some solid answers from the head of the Labor Department… or even consider hiring legal representation in mass to represent our interests. If anyone has spoken to their local unemployment office……what did they tell you ?????

    The Blame can go to every floor and every office for sure…..
    The Star Ledger is in the trouble it is…..for many many reasons.
    Big companies that used to spend millions on recruitment and real estate advertising have now set up their own websites to handle their business …Real estate advertising during the “good years” was still being shifted….over to the internet… and now that the bubble has burst……is practically non-existent. The largest retail accounts have continued to follow each other out of business…..and out of the paper.
    Our best customers have been flocking to other sources of advertising in droves and they didn’t start doing it this year. It has been happening for a long time. Incredibly advertising rates at the Ledger have increased 684% (yes almost SEVEN fold since 1995) Meanwhile management remains clueless to the customer’s desires and needs all the while treating them with a “take it or leave it” approach. The few customers that remained after the first years of the “internet exodus” were practically chased away by the increased rates for advertising while circulation figures DECLINED… makes you wonder to yourself “who is making these decisions”? I have heard stories of customers asking.. “Are they trying to go out of business??” and “why are the prices quadruple what they were two years ago”? What would be better…..having 20 pages of advertising at a lower rate….or 1 page at rates that nobody will pay?? Couple this with the disconnect between NJ.com and the Ledger…..sometimes you’d think we were competitors not family…
    if the Ledger were really a family……….talk about a dysfunctional one.
    For some 60 plus days we were told that the company needed to have at least 200 people sign up for the buyout along with the other conditions…all bundled together for reasons that still baffle me….
    Time ticked by and we were told more people need to sign…more people need to sign.
    Mr. Arwady warned us and warned us..if 199 sign…there is NO DEAL NO DEAL!!
    At the same time…we were being constantly reminded… “It’s the drivers fault. It’s the drivers fault…..those damn drivers!!! They are ruining this otherwise perfect company!!
    Finally the ultimate threat….We would be put up on the auction block and sold like deer meat going bad…Because the negotiations were “Stalled” and “Hopeless”
    Then the Union actually had their voices heard and mysteriously there were only
    6 “bad guys” who voted NO.
    Days later it was printed in the New York Post that 409 people signed up and we are all now fighting each other for the “lucky 230 spots” while management “struggles” with making tough decisions…
    Now in the latest debacle management can’t even find a smart way to get employees to leave a sinking ship with a years pay…paying people with 25 years ( or more ) of service the same amount respectively as someone with 2 years???
    Now we will have a bunch of disgruntled employees who will be “forced” to remain at their jobs….while others sit home on their couches getting paid for 12 months. Great …..just what we need to boost morale.
    Makes you wonder if the buyouts should have started with the highest paid individuals being “threatened” for months…..but like all the other corporate blunders going on … those individuals most responsible for the mistakes and problems will remain in their cushy jobs while the ones that actually make the place work and “pay the bills” by writing the stories, taking the pictures ( damn good ones at that), selling the ads, physically delivering the papers at an ungodly hour of the day in the worst weather, accounting collecting the money due, circulation handling vacation holds and re-starts, security making the employees safe as we walk to our cars, maintenance cleaning the halls and walls every night all the things together that make this place work… all this…all this now seems to be one big mess….for everyone……… everyone that is except the “demolition team” of management….that was brought in to dismember this company…. Those individuals who didn’t even bother to change the license plates on their cars…they will be the ones………leaving soon…..leaving the smoke, dust and mess behind heading on to new adventures heading on to start “new fires”
    Ladies and Gentlemen…….the Ledger is Burning for sure…it is burning up in front of our eyes…..at least we can all sit around the campfire and sing…one last song……
    Billy Joel
    We Didn’t Start The Fire
    “We didn’t start the fire
    It was always burning
    Since the world’s been turning
    We didn’t start the fire
    No, we didn’t light it
    But we tried to fight it.”

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