Surprise: Times gets new publisher

Richard Bilotti, longtime publisher of The Times of Trenton, announced Thursday he will retire in November.

The departure of Bilotti, who spent almost 25 years at the newspaper’s helm, is hardly unexpected. Most of the staff, including almost everyone in the editorial department, has been granted a buyout that will see them leaving by the end of this year.

What came as a bit of a curveball was the promotion of Brian Malone to replace Bilotti.

It isn’t just that Malone may not have a staff. Based on statements made by The Star-Ledger’s publisher, the plans for the Times involve it becoming essentially a re-masted version of The Ledger with a hyper-local online presence.

However, as with so many other things these days, plans seem to change on an almost daily basis. Likewise there often seems a lot of leeway between what is said and what actually occurs.

Regardless, Malone will need more than congratulations in his new post. But we offer it anyway.

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One Response to “Surprise: Times gets new publisher”

  1. jerseygull Says:

    The fact that the Times even has appointed a new publisher shows how clueless the company is. Why pay a salary to a publisher with no staff? Why don’t all the Newhouse papers in Jersey have only one publisher? Imagine how much money that would save in salaries and perks. I do wish Malone luck, and maybe there’s a bigger promotion in the works for him. But I assume a pay raise comes with his new title, and maybe that salary could have been used to provide him with, oh, a reporter or two?

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