Thanks for all the work; there’s the door

After months of waiting word finally came down today regarding buyouts. In the newsroom a hastily convened meeting (announced at 11:33 a.m. for noon) gave the word that all but a few of the 169 people who signed for the buyout would get it.

But the announcement wasn’t nearly as stunning as the immediate aftermath. Within minutes of th meeting e-mails were out to some staffers telling them their exit date would be as early as Wednesday. People who had been waiting for word so they could plan their lives were given a weekend plus a few days to fill a bankers box and get out.

Nearly as stunning for department heads — thwarted in attempts to plan how they would continue business after losing significant numbers of personnel — was the realization that there would be little time for such things. Many of their people might be gone before next week is out.

Some might call this classless. To others it is simply mystifying and daunting. There seems to be no blueprint for how we will do business tomorrow with half the staff of yesterday.


2 Responses to “Thanks for all the work; there’s the door”

  1. jerseygull Says:

    I call it typical. Can’t they at least tell us to our faces when we’re leaving? We’re there every day. They know where to find us. And a “thank you” might be a nice touch.

  2. jerseygull Says:

    And another thing. Good luck trying to cover the election with half the staff missing. Way to go, Mr. Arwady.

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