Unofficial counts

According to multiple reliable sources the buyout count for the Ledger topped 400 with about 200 coming from the editorial department (the latter number is almost two out of every three staffers).

Certainly those numbers will be reduced in the coming month and department heads were told today to inform their people that it isn’t too late to attempt to rescind the buyout.

Many younger staffers who opted for the buyout are already expressing concern that they will lose out if the number is held close to the 230 target set at the beginning of the process. However, there is no announced criteria for determining who will get a buyout and who will not.

As an interesting side note, sources at The Trenton Times report that 33 or the 35 qualified editorial staffers requested the buyout and all have been told their request will be honored. That raises the question of how the Trenton paper will continue to be produced without an editorial staff.


2 Responses to “Unofficial counts”

  1. jerseygull Says:

    Well, that leaves a couple of options for the Trenton Times. One is to do what they should have done years ago, close the paper and merge it into the S-L, with the Ledger adding Mercer to its local coverage. Another is to hire a few part-timers to cover local news, receive other content (features, business, etc.) from the S-L and keep the Times going. Or maybe some people will be reassigned to Trenton from Newark. Should be interesting to see what happens there.
    Or what the hell, let the citizen journalists take over.

  2. sizzlingjboy Says:

    In editorial at The Ledger reports are now that of the 192 who initially requested the buyout only 167 remain. Discussions are ongoing as to how the additional 37 will be dealt with.

    A completely unfounded rumor circulating today was that anyone with under 10 years of service is on the bubble.

    Anyone have info regarding buyout impact for the rest of the newspaper?

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