Unemployment uncertainty

On the Feeding Flames page an excellent question has been posed by WorryWort. Here it is:

Maybe someone can do a little research into this. Will those who do sign up (and are accepted by management) for the buyout be eligible for unemployment benefits? Mona has told us that the Ledger will not “fight” any claims. What does that mean? Some have contacted the state unemployment offices and gotten different answers. “Yes you can” “No you can’t” even the states own website does not have clear answers in its FAQ’s section. Just thinking here…over 230 of us may soon be filing claims….. Maybe we could get some solid answers from the head of the Labor Department… or even consider hiring legal representation in mass to represent our interests. If anyone has spoken to their local unemployment office……what did they tell you ?????

I might add that the rules between states may differ. Some of our people are New York residents. How might that affect the process?

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2 Responses to “Unemployment uncertainty”

  1. WorryWort Says:

    Excellent point about the people who work in NY or PA… thanks for bringing that up..

  2. dizzylizzy Says:

    I have contacted both Union & Essex County offices. They do not consider the conditions of this buy out a severance because we had a choice and unemployment would not be granted. The Union office however, encouraged me to apply the very next day afther my last day of employment, and to fight each denial until granted. Essex County was confident I would not be able to accept as long as I collected the severace pay thus suggesting a ONE LUMP SUM payout, so when asked amy I getting severance I could answer NO. Either way looks like another figh on my hands.

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