Tentative agreement

The publisher announced today that a tentative agreement had been reached with the driver’s union, holding out the real possibility there will be a) no need to close or attempt to sell The Star-Ledger, and b) at least some of those who applied for the buyout will get it.

According to a report at NJ.com, the deal isn’t done and still must be ratified by the union membership. The text of the memo also appears at NJ.com.

Also, internal reports are circulating that efforts to make solid plans for the future are underway in the newsroom. Some might surmise that means there is a known number of those who will get the buyout (given that there are still four days left for signers to rescind, there still is no absolute certainty who will stay and who will go).

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4 Responses to “Tentative agreement”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t help but wonder what the new Ledger will look like: re-invented or simply re-shuffled. Do we have to know who is staying in order to plan for the future or is it more important to decide what we will be covering? Even if only 130 newsroom employees depart I’m not sure how the paper could hope to continue covering everything it does today.

  2. I’m positive the actual number of buyouts will shrink between now and Wednesday. But beyond that, I’m wondering if every single newsroom employee who signed will actually get the buyout. Will the “seniority” clause (or something else) allow – or force, depending on your viewpoint – some newsroom folks to stay? Or will they be happy to be rid of as many newsroom people as they can, regardless of seniority, regardless of the needs of the newsroom, and regardless of what happens in the other departments? I’ve heard strong arguments for both scenarios. And most importantly, when will we know for sure?

  3. Nothing to worry about anonymous, the management, readers, and advertisers are all happy!

  4. sizzlingjboy Says:

    “Nothing to worry about anonymous, the management, readers, and advertisers are all happy!”

    Is that sarcasm or irony? Sure, the Newhouses didn’t sell, but the editorial department at the newspaper is about to be reduced by nearly one-third (possibly more). That’s better than the alternative — reduction by 100 percent. Still, that hardly makes me happy. Course I’m not part of management, readers or advertisers.

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