Nothing to worry about

Metaprinter, at his blog, says the threat of closing The Star-Ledger is nothing but an empty threat. The Newhouses have too much incentive to keep the paper (or going to close it all down. I could quibble with some suppositions — the Newhouses did close the Long Island Press in 1977 during a union dispute even though it was profitable — but what would be the point? We only have a few more days until we all find out.

M. Printer goes on to opine:

I think the truckers union will come to an agreement before the October 8th deadline. The incentive to retain their jobs is greater than the opportunity of striking and having to find other union work in the current economic climate.

If there is no agreement, expect Newhouse to run The Star-Ledger through their website and “sell” the print product to a non union buyer. The printed product will continue under a non-union enterprise.

I would love to hear some other thoughts on this. Will we live? Will we die? Can sustain us? Is there a buyer? Could the paper be sold separate from its web presence?

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3 Responses to “Nothing to worry about”

  1. Nat Bodian Says:

    The Newhouse family roots run deep in the Star-Ledger.
    If the Newhouser boys shut it down, it would be like
    disowning their father’s child in its time of trouble.
    I don’t see how their conscience’s could allow
    this to happen. There’s family pride involved.

    — Nat Bodian

  2. jerseygull Says:

    If it were a matter of conscience, then why would this whole deal have been handled so poorly? Get real — this is a business proposition. When someone shows up with enough money in hand, family pride will give way to the bottom line.

  3. No Sale. Told you so!

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